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June 26, 2018
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June 26, 2018
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Your Signature

Your SignatureDid you know that our signature sends out a signal? It is a sign of commitment, authority, ownership and recognition?

You sign documents for a marriage contract, sale agreement or a home, a home loan- and many more, because we make a commitment, to either someone or to an institute. We also sign documents to people authorized to act on our behalf. And we sign documents to take ownership of something.

Then there are those who create masterpieces like movie scripts, novels, short stories, articles, great paintings or sculptures- all who sign their names to their work.

Then the fans of sports stars and celebrity stars and famous actors who go to great lengths to get their stars autograph, and in many instances pay substantial amounts of monies to own these autographs. Advertising companies, who pay large sums for these stars to sign and endorse their particular product .all about your personal signature .the written one.


About Your Signature?

What if a signature meant all the same things?
Commitment, authority, ownership, recognition of accomplishments and platform, in your personal, career and private life?

Each person is given different talents, strengths and gifts. God does not make mistakes, and you were created by Him for a specific purpose.

Life, including the work you do, becomes significant when you have the attitude of excellence in whatever you do.

When others are attracted to your work ethics, personality, integrity and passion, it not only produces great satisfaction, but creates a great opportunity to leadership, and you influence will spread.


The life Tool-kit

Commit to see a task through- not to give up, and to follow your dream and stay focussed.


So what does your signature say about you?

It is never too late to take control and become your own STAR PERFORMER and your own ideal.  So why not sign on the dotted line.  We are in the IMAGE industry dealing with PEOPLE- so be the STAR PERFORMER-and be the best you can be until next time.


Quote of the month

Those who shrink from responsibility keep on shrinking in other ways to…


Thought of the month

The value of an idea lies in using it. -THOMAS A EDISON-

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