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Dressing Appropriately
June 26, 2018
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June 26, 2018
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Traditionalist vs. futurists in Fashion

fashionFashion – Having just returned from the USA, and in particular from the city of ‘bling- las Vegas, where it seemed that- anything goes….and not just about fashion, never the less.

It has once more come to my attention- that more than ever in the history of fashion; fashion has truly been liberated and that anything seems to be in fashion!

You will find that traditionalist- they are the ones who follow the more classical lines and who prefer to invest in a good wardrobe, will agree that the futurist are still going for trends and more than ever are ‘label oriented!”

Never before in the history of the fashion have there been so many choices, styles and trends to choose from.  No wonder the Image Industry is the fastest growing industry in the world today. And most of us so confused!


Perfect Balance through fashion

So how do we find a perfect balance, between what is available , and what suits our personality, body type and budget?

I believe it is in the simplicity of clothes that will work for any age and figure type. Than basic rules of architecture still stands. Interesting is that most of the famous traditional fashion designers, were students of architecture- as they knew the value of balance , line and style so well.


Follow the lines

The best and fool proof way to dress is to ‘follow the outer lines of your body’– yes, let the garment hug your shape…… the more fitted, the slimmer you will appear!

Then use the inside lines to add shape and optical illusion.

Once you use different colours, designs, and detail- this will determine the end result of the fit and look of the garment- so the simpler the better,.

The best dressed women in the world have all learnt from the legendry Coco Chanel. Mon chromatic colours cemetric small designs and plain solids always are winners.

So if you get confused, which is not surprising today- get back to the basic idea of line and style, dress down, dress simple, hug the body-after your body is YOUR Hangar for the clothes you wear- and best the best you can be until next time.

Quote of the month

“Fashion Fades only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

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