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June 26, 2018
June 26, 2018
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The spell of Fragrance

fragranceFragrance: I Have decided we need some more fragrance to add to our lives, to soften toe hardships we face daily….

The spell of fragrances lingers eternally whether smouldering earthy incense or sweet-scented lavender, every aroma we experience becomes part of our lives. More than just evoking wonderful memories, scents also affect our moods, actions and well-being. While some scents are used to adorn our bodies, others are used in the home.


The scented home

There are myriad ways to imbue our homes with a profusion of uplifting scents. Bowls of potpourri, scented candles, pomanders, room sprays, delicate sachets and pillows, all help to make the home smell beautiful. Bunches of drying herbs hung in the kitchen, or pungent wreaths at the door, add their fragrant voices to the harmony of scents that become the trademark of your home. To scent a lingerie drawer use either scented drawer liners or make up your own scented pouches filled with potpourri or scented powder, also tie them to curtains or at the foot of beds.


The language of scents

Inhaling scents sends signals to the right side of the brain where emotions, memory and creativity reside. When a scent is pleasant, our bodies are flooded with feelings of well-being. Some are romantic and floral like violet, rose and bergamot, while others such as lavender are like whispers. Some scents will dominate like jasmine and scents such as juniper and thyme will enhance them. Floral scents have a

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mysterious influence upon the feelings, the rose which means passion and the lilies of the valley which emulate marital happiness. Fruit fragrances are found in every part of the fruit. Apricot seeds are used to make the distinctive almond scented essence of amaretto, while fruit of the South American cocoa tree gives us one of the best-loved scents – chocolate


Citrus scents and others

There is something innately fresh and clean in the tangy scent of citrus fruits. The scent of a lemon has become so closely identified with freshness that it is used in most cleaning products. Then there are the spicy scents like cinnamon and cloves. Spices not only enliven cuisine, but their scents are instantly nostalgic. Woodland scents strike deep earthy notes in the fragrance world.

Pine, balsam, fir, sandalwood, oak moss and more, produce smells that are comforting all year round. Spring resembles new life and there are two things we may never hoard, the one being love and the other fragrance. If you hoard them they will both lose their value. Why not re-introduce fragrance into your home, the delicate fragrance of a just opened rose, the clean refreshing tang of a sliced lemon or the deep woody aroma of pine. Surround yourself and your loved ones with scents that create an atmosphere of well being ‘scent it’ and be the best you can be. Till next time.


“A garden is not for giving or for taking. A garden is for all.” J H Burnett


How blessed is the woman who finds wisdom. Her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths are peace. Solomon

Enjoy each day as it comes- if you look back you will miss the opportunities that lie ahead.

I have just had an important birthday…..and looking ahead excited me….as we

cannot dwell but only learn from the past- be irresistible always

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