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September 19, 2018
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September 24, 2018
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Table Etiquette

When we are being served at the table, be mindful of the following table etiquette. Remember life is a celebration!


Serving food at table

  • Always serve a dish from the left hand side and remove it from the right hand side.
  • Wine is served from the right hand side, and also removed from the right hand side.


After the meal

Table etiquette; when there eight guests or less, the dishes may be left until everyone has finished eating.

  • Glasses are filled and removed from the right hand side.
  • Never overload your or your guests’ plates.
  • When served, do not turn your plate around more than once, and leave it where it is when you have finished eating. The server will remove it.

Place your knife and fork in the upside down V position on the plate while you are eating.

Position while you are still eating

After eating, place them neatly next to each other on the plate. (See illustration below.) This signals to the waiter that you are done. If there is food left on your plate, move it to the side to make room for your knife and fork. Never move your empty plate away from you; merely leave it there until it is removed.

Finished position  Indicating that you have finished your meal.

Remember life is a celebration, and having good manners adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

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