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June 26, 2018
spring cleaning
Spring Cleaning
June 26, 2018
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self evaluationSelf evaluation: One of the greatest diplomatic visits ever to be accomplished was when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon of Israel over 4000 years ago- this extraordinary visit is recorded in both history books and the Bible.

It took Queen Sheba 7 years to plan and travel the great distance from the horn Africa to Israel. Can you imagine how this procession must have looked- with her camels, laden with fragrance, spice, gold, semi-precious stones?

Today planning still takes place so nothing has changed.  What is profoundly different, is that this extraordinary lady- the Queen of Sheba had an end purpose in mind- her destiny.  She wanted to seek wisdom…

Women organize from inside out- that is from the right side of the brain to the left side of the diary, then she may even take a pink highlighter and highlight the most important things-as this planning will reinforce the feminine hallucination-we are in control! Then what happens- life happens while you are making these plans…

Consider for a moment- that there are only thee catalysts for change- Whether it is for the better or for the worse- Crisis, change, and choice. It is during the circumstances beyond our control when choice can get us out of it!

This is the time of your for self evaluation


What is your message?

85% of who you are is – non-verbal…your tone of voice, the way you dress and your body language.  Are you saying yes, when you mean no, or saying maybe when you mean defnitley not, or are you saying yes, then not doing it and then found out-loosing credibility What do you look like- I need the job and look as if I can do it-is the perception of who you appear to be – easy, sloppy, neat, credible- 2 55% of how you look speaks volumes of what is on your mind and what you think of yourself!

Your body language- how you stand- up straight- good eye contact- how are your manners. Your table manners- nowhere are you manners more evident as at the dinner table- and how to to behave.

Perhaps you are wondering how is the way you look, behave and speak have to do with change and lists.  Self evaluation is a great place to start.


It is time to get out of your own way

God’s plans for our lives are so much better than our own. Did you know that he spread the stars in heaven and He knows each one by name- well?
Let us take charge and listen to what He has commanded us- To take some time out and to rest- yes the answer lies in resting God does not want you to be exhausted.- he wants you to be happy.

Moreover, for a very reason, He gave us the universal rules of life- like not kill or steal- but He also added a law also that you must take a time out of your week and busy life to rest!
Yes, rest is a law!

A Sabbath or sabbatical is not just a day off work- or to catch u with errands or TV- no it is a time to find their presence within outer selves- to take stock of our needs and gifting our talents. A time to listen to what is most meaningful and beautiful to us-time to honouring that which is important and meaningful-time to look at ourselves- see our value- see how and what we are lacking.

What will happen if you are unable to respond to your own need to rest, and like so many other women you are the one that is also so overworked, that you have got into your own way- you have no time to harness who you are- the message you are giving .

If you do not take time out, into the planning of your destiny-, you will lack wisdom- and wisdom comes from knowledge of self.


Self Evaluation

I can guarantee you that Queen Sheba, through self evaluation, took much of her planning time for her.  She knew that her tone of voice- thus impress him with her image had to be pleasing to the king.  Queen Sheba had to look right, smell good It was her purpose her destiny.

She was planning the mission she wanted to accomplish.  Queen Sheba needed to be prepared to have the energy, for the long and tedious journey.  She knew that she had to look good to woe Solomon. In addition, should there be a crisis- she could plan of the change of direction.  She had the reserve and could take charge.


Or the irresistible you

It is not the size of your hips the colour of your hair- you age.  It is getting out of your own way-step out.  Take a Sabbath and rediscover the power that lies within is about a Sabbath!

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