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June 26, 2018
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June 26, 2018
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romanceRomance – “Love is the sun of women’s life. Without it she withers, grows old and something tender and beautiful within her dies.”

Barbara Cartland

The red hearts and rose are out in full force again- and also the reminder of the importance of romance.

Nothing is more mysterious and magical than falling in love. The quest for love I in the heart of much of our striving.

Life is made of romance…


Love letters

I am reminded of so many true loves- like the legendry David Livingstone the great missionary who for much of his life was separated form his devoted wife Mary Moffat.

So much is written about his great accomplishments- very little about the gentle heart of love….but their love story so profoundly recorded in their many letters they wrote to each other during their long separations

. In one of his letters to her he wrote to her “my beloved Mary, not even the beauty of an African sunset can compare with your face when you wake up in the morning- how I miss you…”

And she replies; “You’ll never part me darling, there is a promise in your eye:

I will tend you while I’m living, you will watch me when I die….”

Napoleon the great- how he passionately, loved his Josephine!

Not to mention the King who gave the throne for his Wallis … the women he loved!

How many letters over the years were kept, held to the heart, bound in ribbon… and then later discovered. Some to be published, like the ones of lord Byron and lady Barrington, and the devoted love letter between the legendry Queen of Romance, Barbara Cartland who wrote over 200 letters between her and the Earl Mountbatten while she was in England and he in Burma- all to remind us of the gentle heart and the quest of love.


The Movies

Romance has always played a major role in the movies, and our ideas obout love and romance, have perhaps been shaped and formed about what we see in the movies.

Almost every movie genre from love stories, mysteries, and thrillers to epics- has a structure that feature leading man and a leading woman, so thousands of different couples feature.

Perhaps the best remembered couples of the golden era of the silver screen still stand in the era of ‘great romance!’

From Garbo and Gilbert, MacDonald and Eddie, Bogart and Begall, Taylor and Burton, to the memorable …‘most beautiful women of the last century’ Audrey Hepburn and her screen hero, Spencer Tracy.


The Queen of Romance

Barbra Cartland – the Sep grandmother of Princess Diana –

According to the Guinness book of Records published over 350 million copies of Romance novels in almost all the languages in the world…of whom she is read as much by men as by women!

It is reported that even the Late President Sadat regularly read his wife’s copies of her books. And an American survey revealed that she was read as much by the university faculty of Boston, as by housewives, love torn schoolgirls and loved starved grandmothers!

Barbara, who was a rare beauty, turned down no fewer than, forth nine proposals, before marrying a Scottish painter, and referred to herself as a whirlwind!

Her  research as historical romance writer was always accurate….and in her novels, all her virgins were penniless and innocent and their hero’s all happened to have a title, untold wealth and an imposing estate!

The became a vivid and world known celebrity, who unconsciously changed people lives.

A power house of energy…who knew her readers deepest need….Romance.

There is a practical magical spell of drawing romance towards you-But the secret is to find love in loving yourself first……..

That is the ‘Great Romance !‘ and although there are no absolute strategies foe making love happen.

It is what life is made of – and what makes the word go around.

So go out and find this love within yourself in this season of love and attract it toward you- and be the best you can be until next time!


Thought of the month

Every women dreams of love.

When she is young she prays for it.

When she is middle aged she hopes for it, and when she is old she remembers it.’ -Barbara Cartland.

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