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June 26, 2018
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What has Anne’s year been like through reflections…

I am sure like for me, this year has also flown for you.

And although a very challenging year, it has also been a most exciting one.

Looking back at some highlights, perhaps once again returning to Singapore . We have so much to learn from these amazing people. How clean their country is, what good service and quality they give-­‐ and then to top it all how wonderful they make their guests feel. Wilma Schoeman, my best friend, accompanied me this year. How we were treated … Patrick Liew form Lancôme arranged that we spend a day at The Lancôme Institute, and if that was not enough, ended with getting our hair treated at the L’Oreal Hair Spa!

I was privileged to present a Keynote address for IBICA at the beautiful Hyatt Hotel. And then Joe Wan the President from IBICA treated us all to an amazing lunch a Meza 9 (Yes , 9 international restaurants to choose from – all under one roof at the Hyatt)

I once again conducted Master Image Consultants Training and adjudicated the Image Consultants Exams, for Joshua Luke from Signature Image. Then as always, ended my stay by attending The New Creation Church Service, and being blessed by the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince.

I left Singapore and traveled on to Spain , to spend time at our beloved Villa Romero-­‐ and this year it was so wonderful having Judi Moreo from Las Vegas joining me. We spent time painting, walking the cobbled streets… and best of all discussed the forth coming book of which I am a contributing author Life’s Choices, to be launched in as Vegas 2010.


The Image Consultants Training Academy News

The wonderful new studio now in Ballito adjacent to Secrets Day Spa and I have appointed Teresa Vos as the principle of KZN. We once again trained students from far and near-­‐ even had a student attend from Lebanon.

We are already booked for January, and I will be presenting a Image Consultants Training the week before I depart for las Vegas end Jan 2010 to attend the book launch and then to present a Master Etiquette Training. In Feb 2010-­‐

I will also be going on to Nashville Tennessee, where I will be attending the NSA Winter Convention. Speaking Business= My New keynote

It has been a great year. I have developed a new an exciting keynote based on my contribution to the new book ‘Life’s Choices’  my topic ‘Class is a Choice’.

The true story of my wonderful belated Dad , Peter Welgemoed-­‐the Gentleman – who has left an indelible imprint on my life. I then incorporate life skills and Table Manners into this keynote, with fun and life changing skills

The Seven Secrets of Women is still my most requested Topic.

I spoke all over South Africa, Singapore and Zambia.


So we need to always give of our best

Dress our best…… shine in your grooming

Do our best…… be on your best behavior…..

And live each day as if it was our last.

May this be a Joyous Christmas for you and your family?

And may their love of Christ be your portion during this Festive Season.

And wishing you a most Prosperous 2010

Anne Dreyer

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