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Proper use of spoons

Very often, the spoons needed at a traditionally formal dinner, will be brought in with a specific course being served. It is vital to know the proper use of spoons at the dinner table.  When you have finished eating, place your spoon – inside facing up – in the bowl you used. The handle should be facing you.


Soup spoons

This is a round shaped spoon with quite a deep inside so you can easily eat the soup from it, on the left hand side of the spoon.

Hold the spoon horizontally in your right hand and scoop the soup away from you towards the front part of the soup bowl. Lift the spoon to your mouth and carefully bring it, slightly tilted, to your lips as if you are serving it into your mouth/wine glass. Never slurp the food from the spoon.

Also don’t blow on the soup to cool it down. Wait until it has cooled down and start eating from the brim of the plate which cools down first. Tilt the soup bowl away from you to scoop up the last bit of soup.


The dessert spoon

The dessert spoon is smaller and flatter than the soup spoon. It is also oval shaped.

Dessert should always be eaten in small portions. The portion should fill only the front part of the spoon and reach your mouth from your hand held directly in front of your face. The handle must point away from you.

The dessert spoon, and dessert fork when necessary, is/are usually placed above your plate but may also be brought to the table when dessert is served.

“Keep everything as simple as possible but no more simple than that.”

Albert Einstein

When serving any dish such as soup or dessert in a bowl, the bowl should be placed on an under plate to enable the guest to place the spoon after eating from it. If no under plate is provided, place the dirty spoon in the bowl you’ve been eating from.


A word of advice

Whenever you are using only one eating utensil, whether it be a knife or a fork, always hold it in your right hand with the inside of the spoon and fork prongs pointing upwards.

When you are uncertain on anything, follow the example of the host or other guests.


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