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June 26, 2018
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June 26, 2018
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Learning to say No

say noMost women today are so overwhelmed with having too much to do and having no time for herself, and even say no.

It is a fact that that men and women are different. They live in different worlds, express themselves differently, and have a different set of values.  These values which are evident in their different genetic makeup, results in, that men value work and women value relationships.

Women are overcommitted, tired and have no time for themselves ..here some advice I will be committing myself to.

Life is so short, and the time we have for what is precious to us, must be fought for.  We have to learn to say NO when we have the option.

Woman and “say no”

When a woman says no, she inevitably feels guilty because she presumes the relationship may be in jeopardy.

When on the other hand, the man just thinks only of, getting a task done or not, with no emotional attachment!

Every time you let something into your life it becomes claim on your attention. Your attention is a most valuable commodity you have.

Each person is given exactly the same amount of time every day- so it is not the time that is the problem, it is how we allocate our attention, which becomes the problem- of to much to so and to little time to do it in!


Machete the jungle

Time to take stock .start to take stock of all your commitments, make a list of all the tasks you are doing.

Weigh them up, ask yourself (naturally each person will have a different set of priorities and circumstances, but these are guidelines)

Is this really necessary?

What is the worse that will happen if I stop doing this?

Is this important to my family and me?

Does this add value to my personal development?

Is this part of my job description?


Does this add value to my family, and to me?

then, priorities and start clearing out and start by saying NO The monetary value of your time.

In order to help you clear some of your commitments oftime robbersSet a monetary value for an hour of your attention. This if you are self employed, work out the cost you need for the month and divide the monetary value into the time. If you receive a salary, work out what you are doing to save some free time, if you are spending more than you working hours.

If you area stay at home mom or wife- work out the cost of what you are doing against the time you can add value to your family, or your personal development.



An old sayingyou can do anything if you put your mind to it .the word anything does not mean everything!

Life presents us with an infinity of choices, and shows that we simply cannot so everything,

So yes, we have to choose, what we will give our attention to and what not.

By saying no, does not mean you are not caring about a relationship.  Like so many women feel guilty about- it is about what is good for you, for your family

And what is necessary.

Ultimately only you can decide what value your various activities are to you. The value you give to something depends on what you values in life are.

Are you allowing things which are of little value rob you of quality time to yourself and what is important?

Learn to weigh up the choices- and say No if you mustBe the best you an be untill nest time!


Quote of the month

I have spent most of my life worrying about things that never


Mark Twain

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