Hoe moet jy aantrek in die sakewêreld vandag?
July 13, 2018
How to wear stockings
Hoe om sykouse te dra
July 23, 2018
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How to wear stockings

How to wear stockings

‘I find nothing in the world as attractive as a woman wearing stockings!’

The author of the famous James Bond 007 books, Ian Fleming about women wearing stockings

Meghan Markle the American born new member of the British Royal family now the Duchess of Sussex , had to obey an uncompromising ruling from the British Queen when she broke the rules of etiquette by not wearing stockings in public.   The ruling:  that no lady royalty may attend any pubic function in ‘bare legs’ nude stockings or tights, must be worn!

I am for one am certainly thrilled about this, as I still believe that by wearing hose as it adds to the elegance and value and the elegance  of an outfit, especially,  in the more  formal corporate world.

Hosiery also referred to as stockings or pantyhose.


About denier

How to wear stockings

Hosiery comes in a range of thicknesses and weight. The term “denier” measures both the weight and thickness of the yarn which will affect style, comfort, warmth, and appearance.


Rule of Thumb

  • The lower the denier, the more sheer the hosiery.
  • The higher the denier, the more opaque the hosiery becomes.

For occasions requiring stockings and court shoes, keep the following in mind:

  • Coloured and patterned pantyhose or tights are best kept for creative and informal environments.
  • Plain or patterned black stockings are a good choice for evening wear.
  • Keep your shoes and stockings in the same colour range for winter-wear.
  • For summer, wear pantyhose in a colour close to your natural skin colour.
  • Seamed stockings are a no-no in a professional environment.
  • Expensive sheer stockings with the denier/decitex in the lowest number available are a good choice for very formal occasions. They are also available without toe or heel seams for when you wear open toe or -heeled shoes.
  • For less formal occasions, you can choose a higher denier number stocking. It is also less exspensive.
  • Pantyhose are the most popular choice, but other options can also be worn.


A word of advice

How to wear stockings

Always have an extra pair of pantyhose at hand.

When putting on pantyhose or tights, sit on a chair and roll the pantyhose or tights from your foot up your leg.

Finally, think about stockings this way: Men do not wear a suit or trousers without formal shoes and socks. Ladies, if you want to climb the corporate ladder, remember no man will attend a meeting in a suit with sandals. Wear hose and court shoes where it is called for!


Last word

As author Ian Fleming the creator of the famous James Bond 007 said: -nothing in the world is sexier than an women’s legs in stockings.

So what are you waiting for- your legs will not only  look smooth,   longer, more glamorous and most definitely more appealing- plus add that touch of royal class! .

Enjoy till next time!

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