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‘Men have their motor cars and women have their handbags.’

The appearance of the first Chanel handbag in 1955 started the revolution of handbags, and together with Louis Vuitton and other designer bags which have become the envy of the contemporary woman, Chanel is still very much in demand.

Handbags have become a fashion statement for many, although fashion, a handbag must always be  both functional, and practical..

A handbags forms part of a women’s dress, and should never be an overlooked item.

A handbags must contain the basic necessary items needed, when you are not at home, or in your office.


Consider the following

  • Own at least one handbag of excellent quality in a neutral colour such as tan, brown or black.
  • Ensure that the size of the bag is in balance with your body size and the occasion.
  • Evening bags are invariably smaller than day bags.
  • Wear a day bag over your left arm or shoulder and an evening bag in your hand.
  • An evening bag for a formal occasion will not have a handle, unless it is for a cocktail party, then it may have either a shoulder sling or palm strap.
  • Trendy up-to-date fashion items like less expensive handbags are suitable for more informal occasions.
  • Handbags are usually placed on the chair on your right hand size. Do not place them on a dinner or conference table.
  • A palm-sized bag is kept in ones lap.
  • Look after your handbags by storing them in bags made of cloth.
  • Your bag and shoes do not necessarily have to match, but if they do it is usually more practical.

Your handbag no matter how small should contain the following necessities:

  • Mobile phone, a little cash and one credit  cards, tissues, a small container of perfume, lipstick, driving license or an ID card.
  • And if you are going to network, make sure you have your business card at hand.


Avoid the following

  • Never overload your handbag, and best  use of a handbag organiser if you are constantly searching for items in your bag.
  • Never wear an old worn out or dirty bag.
  • Do not place your handbag on the floor; rather place it on, or drape it over the arm of a chair, if possible.

Choosing handbags

  • Day bags used for work include big shoulder bags or bags with either single or double handles, worn hooked over your left arm or shoulder.
  • For informal functions, a small envelope  type, or pouch is  carried over the shoulder or arm is a good choice.
  • For formal evening wear, choose a small palm clutch handbag without any handles.

Last word- never attend  any kind of  function, or go to work or any event without a handbag.

A lady carries a handbag!

Only when you are royalty, or are a First lady  and have a ‘lady in waiting’ can you arrive without a handbag!

Enjoy till next time!

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