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June 26, 2018
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July 13, 2018
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Good Manners do Matter Today

Anne Dreyer | Author | Blogger | Speaker

We live in a world which is changing daily. We have superfast communication, instant photographs, fast food, instant news, instant information – all from the comfort of our phones and homes. A cyber universe-  in fact. As a result, the world has become a ‘Global Village” and old traditions are making way for new, even good manners.

Good manners, however will never go out of fashion.

Good manners and etiquette, in fact, help us cope with this changing world.

Women, especially, who need to juggle many different roles – partner, parent (often single parent and sole breadwinner), professional, entrepreneur, employer, employee, home maker, social worker, communicator, business woman, traveller, and many others, can richly benefit from having acquired social graces.

Women have to compete with men on a professional level in a world where women are not yet entirely equal, and need to dress for success.

Men, who have to compete not only with each other but also with women, also have a lot to gain from good social skills and manners.

For young people entering the world of employment and adult society, good manners and etiquette are worth gold!

This blog will provides you with  a quick reference guide to the world of good manners, protocol and etiquette, for your personal life, relationships, professional life, and as national and international role players. Let it be your go-to guide when you need a quick reminder of the appropriate protocol for any given situation!


What is Protocol?

Protocol originated with customs around the hosting of guests which led to the development of specific guidelines regarding hospitality. Today it applies more to ceremonial practices carried out at official ceremonies and how guests at such functions should behave.


What is Etiquette?

Etiquette is a code of behaviour with guiding principles regarding courtesy and consideration. The word literally means ‘following the rules’.


What is Good Manners?

Good manners reflect our character. They come from inside and express our self-value as well as consideration for our fellow man. Remember that they can be acquired. We can learn respect and compassion towards others. Good manners and respect determine, to a large extent, how others will see us. They help us develop goodwill and build lasting positive relations

Good manners and consideration open doors, and etiquette offers guidelines which will help us feel more confident. What we don’t learn at home, we need to learn elsewhere. And one such place is in this book.

When we know how to behave, we feel more confident and have better personal relations. And there is a bonus – research has shown that it provides any person a decided advantage in life and opens up golden opportunities.

Come on a journey of self-discovery with me- till next time!

Anne Dreyer

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