learning to say no
Learning to say No
June 26, 2018
dressing appropriately
Dressing Appropriately
June 26, 2018
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FREE yourself!

Free yourselfFree yourself: Trends can be fun today and make you laugh years from now. Instead, invest in classics, and only buy things, that look good on YOU! Jackie  O

Looking at your summer wardrobe, and you like me, wondering how you are going to get back into some of the last season’s clothes or that perhaps, you will have to find new clothes what now?

Remember it is a proven fact we only wear 10% of our wardrobe!

It is time for action -remember procrastination is the thief of time and has nothing to do with the size of your hips or your new gym contract!


Get organized to free yourself

Get down to action and organize your wardrobe.

Invest in lots of new hangars (all matching).

Check you have a full-length mirror, and perhaps decide to add a  side view mirror as well, to view yourself from behind! (A  corner  works well)


Take stock 

-of your lifestyle,


-body proportions


– The image YOU want to project!

Have you ever flipped through old photos of yourself and wondered… how could I have worn that? Alternatively, wow was that really me.


Fashion vs. Wardrobe

Many women make the mistake by not knowing the difference between the difference between the fashion-which is always the latest trends, and wardrobe, which are the garments, that form the backbone of your wardrobe.



You will need certain items in your wardrobe-which are the investments pieces and no women s wardrobe should be without-

Indispensable items:

  • A white shirt or two
  • A pair of jeans (depending on your age/body shape, naturally)
  • A plain suit
  • A blazer plus a plain skirt
  • A black evening dress or pants suit
  • Pair of pumps (plain, high-heeled shoes)
  • Flat walking shoes & a pair of sandals
  • Boots, and an assortment of hose
  • A large tote bag, and smaller, smart bag.
  • Good underwear
  • Sleepwear and nightgown
  • An all-weather coat/jacket


The test

  • Does it fit well?
  • Is it  flattering?
  • Does it project your present image, age, and lifestyle?



Accessories present a world of opportunity when used correctly, from pulling unrelated pieces together to transforming an outfit on a moment s notice. You do not have to spend a fortune to do it. In fact, once you understand how much you can put these little pieces to work for you, you can create your own distinct style by doing so.


Jackie  O

It is amazing to think that she never changed her look- she wore the same dress style, hat and glasses ..she new the secret to wear ONLY what works for her!

Ensure when you add to your wardrobe to remember, not all trends are created equal. Indulge in the ones that capture your fancy. Also, be honest with your motives before indulging in any trend. Are you trying to make a statement – or are you blindly following the look of a favorite celebrity or a chic friend?

ALWAYS stop and ask yourself, “Does this work for ME?”

We hang onto some of our clothes thinking they may come back into fashion-some classic items never go out of fashion.


You have changed

However, you will find that you have changed, you body shape has changed, your lifestyle and if these items of clothing do not make you look amazing-why hold on to them?


It is not what you wear or how you wear it-

It is the way you wear it and it is about your style-

Which gives your personality a real chance to come to equation.

With a black pullover and ten rows of pearls she revolutionized fashion forever!

-Christian Dior on Chanel

Anne Dreyer

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