Eye Glasses

July 30, 2018
August 7, 2018
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Eye Glasses

Eye glasses are  worn both as a fashion statement or  as a functional item.

If you have to wear glasses, and  think it is not cool  take heart- – a University of Edinburgh study has found intelligent people are 30% more likely to have genes related to poor eye sight.

And as far as glasses and non- verbal image goes-  In the USA, Some defence lawyers now swear by an increasingly popular idea  of getting their client to wear glasses in order to come off “less menacing” to a jury. Veteran lawyer Harvey Slovis is of the meaning,  “Glasses soften their appearance so that they don’t look capable of committing a crime.

And somehow we did see this during a very long court hearing some time ago in South Africa during the Oscar Pretorius case!


Fashion or Functional- follow these rules

Choose your glasses and sunglasses with care as they not only protect your eyes but enhance your appearance and personality. Keep the following in mind:

  • Your eyebrows frame the top part of your face, best  option will be for  the frame follow their shape of the brow.
  • Match your hair colour with the colour of the frame of your glasses, or opt for frameless glasses.
  • When wearing tinted glasses, avoid making them too dark so as to allow people to see your eyes.


Choosing sunglasses

  • When buying sunglasses, choose a pair that will give the best protection from sharp sunlight but also suit the shape of your face and your colouring.
  • Flash faddish glasses are fun, but simple classic styles are appropriate in any given situation.
  • Grey and brown tinted glasses usually provide the best protection.
  • Ensure the glasses offer UV protection, ad are scratch resistint.


Colours of lenses and frames

  • Your hair colour is a good guiding principle – repeat it.
  • Or choose glasses without frames. They are a good choice for presentations, speeches and television appearances.
  • If you decide to tint your glasses, make sure that your eyes can be seen. Choose 5% to 10% of your eye colour, e.g. blue, green, etc.
  • Brown eyes look better with pink or lilac, and dark eyes with light blue or a very soft grey colours.


A word of advice

Do not put on and take off your reading glasses or put them in your mouth when you are addressing an audience. Choose bi-focal or multi-focal glasses which do not have to be put on and taken off all the time.

There are many wonderful lenses and implants to improve our sight, today.

So remember, glasses are not ony fun, practical, functional, bt also make you look more smart!

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