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June 26, 2018
Traditionalist vs. futurists in Fashion
June 26, 2018
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Dressing Appropriately

Dressing appropriately This article has been on my mind for so long .Blame the “Dot Com” era of the mid-1990’s. “Casual Friday” started as a way for business people to usher in the weekend by “dressing down” one day a week.

Instantly, it became a daily uniform for many offices that soon spiralled so completely out of control that women who once went to work in suits and heels started reporting to work in shorts and flip-flops, looking as if they are going to the beach!

Thirty years after forcing our way into boardrooms around the world via the woman’s movement, we put our cause back at least sixty years in favour of casual clothing. Divested of the most powerful components of the business uniform- clothing elements, that have garnered respect and built fortunes for more than five hundred years. Today women are now working harder to earn less and stressing more than ever before


Sloppy Dress is not dressing appropriately

I travel to JHB at least once a week on business, and image being my niche market I am astounded and at times speechless, at the dress of especially the women, also travelling on business – laptop, sandals, midriff showing, and recycled Barbie hairstyles!

It is a fact that nine out of ten people head off to work every day in clothing that undermines their credibility, downplays their talents, and reduces their paychecks significantly. In the case of being underdressed, they put comfort ahead of appropriateness and their paychecks and self- esteem tell the tale.


Image vs. Talent

Today 85% of you reaching the pinnacle of your career, has to do with how you package yourself – how you dress, speak and behave, and only 15% is about your skills!

Because in this day and age of casual dress and relaxed attitudes, taking the time to dress appropriately for your industry, and learning, to behave in the correct manner, will put you so far ahead of just about anyone you work with, that the avalanche of benefits that you’ll enjoy will astound you!

Researchers have proven there is a great The PAY OFF for dressing and behaving in the correct manner, and the some of the benefits being:

Complying with your request

Trusting you with information

Giving you access to decision makers

Hiring you- and determining your salary!

First impressions DO matter-and it is not only about a pretty face or if you spent tons of time and money training for your career.

Alternatively, even if you went to the “right” school, joined all the “right”

organizations, or have an excellent resume….

If you will jeopardize the way, you look, by showing up to work in clothes that never warranted a second thought. It is like cutting a perfect diamond, putting it in an elaborate setting, polishing it to a high sheen… and then wrapping it in a brown paper bag and wondering why no one gives it a second look.


Image Audit

Do your work clothes accurately and immediately identify your position, income, and level of success?

Do they instantly grant you access to the people and places that will help you advance your career?


Why sell yourself short?

Because even if you’re the brightest, smartest, wittiest, and most deserving woman in your office, if you don’t dress appropriately for your position, you’re not going to advance as quickly as you should.

By simply taking the time to accurately match your business attire to your position, you could instantly change the outcome of every meeting you attend, every order you give, or every interaction you have with other people.

Dressing appropriately to suit the job has worked for me for over 35 years -Why not outshine your competition so completely, that you become the only logical choice for promotion and package yourself to the top of the success ladder and be the next you can be until next time!


Plunging necklines draw attention to the breasts. If you want people to look you in the eye instead of talk to your chest, opt for a more modest neckline for work to ensure you are dressing appropriately

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