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Dress Codes

Every day we get dressed in accordance to the type of occasions we attend, wether it be work, meetings or social gaterherings.  It is so important to know the dress code for each and when it comes to more formal social gatherings there are are few rules that need to be adhered to.

Black Tie events

Banquets and such are also termed ‘black tie events’. Black tie events are extremely formal, and men usually wear a black dress suit or tuxedo with bow tie. If specified on the invitation, traditional clothes or a uniform may be worn.

Women usually wear ball gowns, and gloves have become quite fashionable again. Long skirts and trouser suits are also worn. Traditional clothes are only worn when mentioned in the invitation.

A woman can choose what she wants to wear to a banquet, but her outfit should match her male partner’s in terms of formality.

When it comes to accesories, wear a palm clutch bag. Big bulky bags are totally unsuitable. At the table, place the bag in your lap under your napkin, or behind your back against the back of the chair. Never put it on the table.

Men need to heed the specified dress code for an event. There are clear guidelines for every occasion.



A man’s outfit sets the tone for formal wear. ‘Formal’ referring to a dark coloured suit with a long sleeved shirt and tie, or a uniform if that is appropriate. A man with dramatic flair may wear a more colourful suit!


Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are usually formal, depending on the venue where they are held. Parties held indoors are usually more formal than outdoor ones. The invitation proscribes the dress code.

Men are always expected to wear long sleeved shirts and formal trousers to cocktail parties.


Semi-formal occasions

These events are usually less formal and instead of wearing a suit, men can opt for trousers and a jacket.  To finish the look, combine a long sleeved shirt with a tie or cravat.

Women should consider the function, time of day, and atmosphere when choosing their clothes.


Informal occasions

What is of importance here is suitability. One will dress differently when attending a sporting event or a marketing function.

Needless to say, grooming is always of the utmost importance.

When in doubt, men should keep to the trousers and long sleeved shirt formula.

Women always look better overdressed rather than underdressed, so she can celebate her femininity and dress up!

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