Booking Terms & Conditions


All fees plus additional expenses such as travel will be confirmed in writing prior to the function.

Payments can be made by cheques, payable to Colourworks International, by way of electronic bank transfers into the following account or by way of credit card (facilities available):
Colourworks International
First National Bank
Ballito Branch
Account Number: 55010101504
Branch Code: 250102

In instances where it has been agreed that travel expenses (flights, car hire, and accommodation) will be for the client’s account, all travel arrangements will be made by our offices with the travel disbursements added to the final invoice.

Where applicable, foreign exchange rates will be pegged as at date of invoice.

All income is taxed in South Africa, and therefore no taxes are due in other countries (where applicable).

Fees exclude workbooks (unless otherwise specified).

Cancellation by a client must be in writing, electronically or by fax. The client must confirm receipt of said cancellation telephonically.

No cancellation fee will be applicable if the cancellation takes place more than 90 days prior to the event date.

A cancellation fee of 50% of the contracted fee and other expenses incurred (e.g. travel bookings) become payable immediately where cancellation takes place 60 – 90 days before the event date.

A cancellation fee of 100% of the contracted fee and other expenses incurred (e.g. travel bookings) become payable immediately where cancellation takes place less than 60 days before the event date.

In addition, all other agreed-upon expenses which may have been incurred prior to the date of cancellation or change, or which we will be obliged to further incur, will remain payable by the client in full.

Cancellation fees will also apply in the event that the date or time of the booking is subsequently changed, and I am no longer able to accommodate the change due to other bookings. Should the client however, contract my services again at any time in the future, half of the applicable cancellation fee will be deducted from the fee of the future contract (note that this applies only to cancellations in respect of date and time changes and not to outright cancellations).

Where the client has already paid any or all of the fee and / or reimbursement of expenses at the time that a cancellation fee falls due, then the portion of the monies which constitutes the cancellation fee will be retained, and the remainder of the monies will be refunded to the client without delay.

If the client has not yet paid any or all of the fee and / or reimbursement of expenses at the time that the cancellation fee falls due, then the full sum due in terms of the cancellation fee will become payable immediately upon cancellation.

The presentation may not be recorded in any format without our express written permission.

Please contact us PRIOR to the event should you wish to record the presentation. We will gladly discuss options with you.

Please advice delegates accordingly

ALL fees are transparent, Colourworks will INCLUDE their 10/15/2O%

A list of function attendees names and e-mail addresses will be made available to us, should this be requested. Details will be added to our system in order to receive our monthly newsletter. All details supplied to us will remain strictly confidential and will not be sold or loaned to any third party.

A display table will be made available at the venue, if requested, in order for us to display or sell books or products.

Should we not be advised to the contrary within 72 hours of having sent confirmation details of a booking to a client by electronic transmission, we will assume acceptance by the client of our fees and terms and conditions, as posted on the website ( at that date.

The contract between the client and ourselves consists of three elements:
A confirmation e-mail from ourselves to the client;
A copy of these Terms and Conditions signed and initialled by the client or company representative;
A written confirmation of the fee and any other agreed expenses which the client will be liable for.

Unless notified otherwise, we will assume that the person who negotiated with us on behalf of the client, and/or to whom we directed the notice of confirmation, is an appointed official of the client, fully authorised to act on behalf of the client in this instance.